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Kids trampoline park knowledge


First, the concept of steel frame children trampoline park

Refers to the same type of kids trampoline park as adult bungee trampolines, except that they are small in size and are intended for kids trampoline park only. The main components are: center column, pole, up and down slash, miniature electric hoist, fastening wire rope and other components. Among them, the center column is composed of five major parts, the chassis, electric hoist holder, down-fixed zipper and oblique fixed, and the vertical pole is composed of a chassis and fixed up and down. And there are protective devices around and above to avoid accidents.

kids trampoline park

Second, the installation of steel frame kids trampoline park

1, the center column, choose a flat ground, put the center column vertically, do not tilt. The lower sloping bar is connected with the center post (downward obliquely fixed) and fastened to each other. Then the lower sloping bar is fastened to the center fastening chain, not too tight.

2. First, fasten the fastening wire rope to the heart ring on the left and right sides of the upper diagonal rod.

3. The alignment of the poles is to tilt the slanting rods to the center pillars, and then the upper slant poles and the poles are fastened to each other.

4. Separate the hooks on the two lifting ropes to the left and right, respectively, and hang them in the round holes at the top of the upper slash. Connect the wire rope head outwards to the safety hook, elastic rope, and seat belt.

5. Separate the two persons, pull up and down the steel wire rope, and form a straight line with the vertical bar. Keep the vertical and vertical bars of the vertical bar and the upper diagonal bar upright and rise upright until the upper diagonal bar and the center column are obliquely fixed and connected together.

6. Pull up the two fastening wire ropes that connect the upper oblique top and hung on the steel rings at the middle ends of the adjacent lower and right sloping rods respectively, and tighten them to keep the vertical poles vertical.

7. The center of the upper slash bar zips on the fastening ring which is connected to the middle of the adjacent upper sloping bar. The upper bar is adjusted by the basket screw, and the spacing is equal and tightened to keep the vertical bar vertical.

8. The electric hoist is mounted on the motor holder of the center column. Keep the wire rope of the electric hoist and the pull switch in the center of the center column.

9. The electric hoist wire rope head has a center hole and a hook which passes up and over the limit stop. After being removed, it is fastened by a wire rope.

10. The chicken heart ring in the lifting rope is connected with the electric hoist hook. When the limit stop piece core is adjusted to the top end of the lift wire rope, the limit switch is automatically disconnected when it is 5-10 cm away from the pulley.

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