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Large indoor trampoline children's game paradise


The history of the trampoline dates back to the Comanche Indians of North America in the mid-19th century, while the Chinese circus acrobats used a similar trampoline for at least 200 years. The founder of the modern elastic trampoline is the French acrobat DuTrampolin, who used hemp ropes to create a protective net to strengthen the safety of the "air swing trapeze" and use the elasticity of the net to throw the actors into the air and complete various action. In the 1930s, American diving champion George Nissen produced a trampoline similar to today's, used to help his diving and flip training, and later founded the Nissen trampoline company. During the Second World War, the United States used the trampoline to train the pilots and pilots' positioning skills and achieved good results. Later, it gradually became a sport, which was widely carried out in middle schools and universities in the United States. In 1947, the United States held the first national trampoline exhibition in Texas. It was included in the official competition in 1948 and later introduced to Europe. In 1958, the United Kingdom began the All-British Trampoline Championship. In 1964, the first World Trampoline Championship was held in the United Kingdom. In 1969, the first European Trampoline Championship was held in Paris, France. In 1999, the International Trampoline Federation became an association of international gymnastics, and became the official competition in the 27th Olympic Games in 2000. There were two male and female projects, and 12 athletes from each project participated in the competition.

The large trampoline trampoline of Liben is non-toxic, has no peculiar smell, and is harmless and high-grade mat. It can be used as a children's toy or as an ornament. It has beautiful, light, wrinkle-free, non-opening and wear-resistant. Durable, environmentally friendly, antistatic, antibacterial.

The large-scale trampoline trampoline of Liben is made of imported PVC, high-density and high-rebound soft material. It is bright, smooth and soft, not easy to break, good elasticity, safe and durable, high rebound, good toughness and strong tensile strength.

The large trampoline trampoline of Liben is soft, sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing. Both sides are available (also can be made into two colors), have a certain anti-slip effect, effectively block the ground cold. Therefore, this elastic safety mat provides perfect suction performance, comfortable and durable, and easy to maintain.

Cleaning: Because the surface is made of high-grade anti-bacterial thick PVC fabric, it has a certain self-cleaning effect and does not need to be cleaned frequently. (This fabric is mostly used on high-end leather bags, bags, toys, etc.). It is not afraid of water. It will not penetrate into the mat when it is in contact with water. After it is soiled, it can be scrubbed with a cloth. ◆ Widely applicable to: (1) Family fitness, children's room, is the best choice to protect family safety. (2) Applicable to children's amusement parks, kindergartens, parent-child early education activities centers, etc.

◆Company Name: Liben Group Wenzhou Toy Co.,Ltd

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